Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Luke Field: Eighth Street Viaduct buildings

Luke Field, an architectural intern at the University of Cincinnati, has submitted these photos of buildings that used to line the Eighth Street Viaduct, but were demolished during the roadway's reconstruction.

The photos were taken November 13, 2007.

Because the street level was raised with construction of the original viaduct, new entrances had to be created out of the second-story windows and short bridges attached.

More of these entrances can be seen on Jake Mecklenborg's

The Eighth Street Viaduct re-opened to limited traffic on December 23.

The $23 million project, which includes the replacement of piers, sidewalks, and the road surface, is scheduled for completion this fall.

Hover over the slideshow to bring up the controls. You may stop the slideshow by clicking on the square "stop" button, allowing you to scroll through the photos at your own leisure. To get a better view, click on each image to enlarge. Photos will open in a new browser window.

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