Thursday, December 18, 2008

Price Hill residents achieve walkway closure

Due to concerns about public safety, residents of Beech Avenue in West Price Hill successfully achieved the closure of the Folsom Avenue Walkway.

Residents say that the walkway, which connects the intersection of Folsom and Beech avenue with Wyoming Avenue's Westridge Apartments, has been a nuisance hotspot for drug use, vulgar language and littering.

They also say that a woman was attacked on the walkway on August 26, an incident that was later reported to police.

The Price Hill Civic Club adopted a motion supporting the walkway's closure.

Chain link fences will be installed across the entire width of the walkway, and the pavement will be removed and replaced with grass.

Work will begin when council approves and files a report from city Manager Milton Dohoney Jr, which was presented to City council on December 10.

The Folsom Avenue Walkway begins in a wooded area along the "paper street" of Folsom Avenue, then makes its way onto apartment property, ending in the Westridge parking lot.

Because the City has no policy on the closure of walkways, the City's Department of Transportation and Engineering (DOTE) had to use the hillside stairway closure protocol as a guide.

Beginning last December, signs were posted asking for citizen feedback on the potential closure.

Of a total of six calls received by the closure hotline, three were in favor of closure and three were against.

In addition, residents, businesses and schools within a half-mile radius of the walkway were mailed response postcards.

Of the 1,094 postcards mailed:

  • 40 cards favored the closing (71 percent)
  • 10 cards were against the closing (18 percent)
  • 6 cards stated no opinion (11 percent)
  • 200 were returned as undeliverable
  • 838 were not returned at all
According to the City solicitor, it's well within the City's rights to barricade the paper street.

There were no objections from any City departments.