Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Montgomery committee recommends Montgomery Inn patio proposal

After reviewing revised drawings by Montgomery Inn architect Jerry Foote, the City of Montgomery Landmarks Commission has given its support to the restaurant's proposal for an outdoor dining area.

Last winter, the restaurant began discussions with the City to close Ted Gregory Alley, which runs between the north end of the restaurant and the European Cafe.

A traffic study determined that the alley was little-used and that a closure would have little impact on traffic, but could affect access to the parking lots of some neighboring businesses.

City staff is now negotiating with Montgomery Inn for the alley's lease.

The revised proposal includes seating for up to 70 patrons, with a bar area toward the rear of the patio.

The bar would be sheltered by a standing seam metal roof, and a retractable awning can be extended over wooden rafters to cover the dining area.

A four-foot high, semi-circular stone wall with round columns supporting a trellis and hanging baskets will shield the space from the public sidewalk.

Construction could begin at the first of the year, with the project completed in time for spring.

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