Thursday, December 18, 2008

City Home photo update, 12/13/08

City Home on Pleasant Street was opened up for a tour on the evening of December 13.

Part of the third phase of 3CDC's Gateway Quarter project, the $6.8 million development by Over-the-Rhine Community Housing (OTRCH), Eber Development, and Schickel Design includes five new townhomes and six rehabilitated condominium units.

At buildout, the development will include additional townhomes, rehabilitated condominiums, and a mixed-use renovation of 1401 Race Street.

A new streetscape will bury all of the utility lines and add street trees and bumpouts, and the alley behind the buildings will be rebuilt.

Only the two northernmost new builds were open because the other units lacked lighting, and we were touring at night. In hardhats.

Thank you to Schickel Design's Martha Dorff for opening up her house and workspace to the community on a cold, cold night.

There are 18 photos in this slideshow.

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