Monday, November 24, 2008

Clifton Town Meeting opposing proposed gaslight street tax

Cincinnati city manager Milton Dohoney Jr. released the draft 2009-2010 City budget late last week, and some Clifton residents aren't happy with one of the proposals.

As part of the budget, property owners on gaslight streets would be charged $4 per linear foot of street frontage on a recurring three-year basis, or about $300 every three years.

This assessment is expected to bring the City nearly $400,000 in additional annual revenue.

Not only would the new assessment affect property owners on 30 of Clifton's streets, but property owners in other neighborhoods with gaslights as well.

Because Mayor Mark Mallory is currently reviewing the draft budget and may submit it to city council as early as this week, Clifton Town Meeting is asking residents to contact the mayor or councilmembers as soon as possible.

The issue is on the agenda for Clifton Town Meeting on December 1.

A similar proposal to assess street frontage on gaslight streets was made last year, but was not implemented due to community opposition.

At that time, the Clifton Town Meeting board passed a resolution opposing any tax on gaslight street property owners.