Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cincinnati seeking $16.5M for transportation improvements

Cincinnati City Council is considering an ordinance allowing them to accept up to $16.5 million in grants, loans, and loan assistance from the Ohio Public Works Commission to improve the City's transportation infrastructure.

The ordinance would authorize the acceptance of grants for street improvements, bridge replacement, landslide correction, retaining wall improvement, rapid transit tube improvement, and street rehabiliation.

The City could also accept loans and loan assistance for water supply facility improvement, to be repaid through bond sales and cash reserves.

The City has assembled a local match of $11.5 million from municipal road funds, Hamilton County bridge funds, Tax Increment Financing, SORTA, Xavier University, and the Evanston Community Council.

The projects, slated for 2009, include:

  • Street improvement, Dana Avenue from I-71 to Victory Parkway
  • Street improvement, Madison Road from Brotherton Road to Ridge Avenue
  • Street improvement and bridge replacement, Spring Grove Avenue/Clifton Avenue
  • Bridge replacement, Center Hill Road
  • Landslide correction, Art Museum Drive
  • Landslide correction, Hillside Avenue at Henrietta Avenue
  • Landslide correction, Hillside Avenue at Tyler Avenue
  • Retaining wall improvement, Cummins Street
  • Street rehabilitation, McMillan Street West Safety Improvement and Rehabilitation
  • Street rehabilitation, Hyde Park Neighborhood Street Rehabilitation
  • Street rehabilitation, Mount Auburn Neighborhood Street Rehabilitation
  • Street rehabilitation, Winton Road Improvement and Rehabilitation
  • Countywide Water Main Improvements
  • Galbraith Road Water Main
The ordinance must be passed by November 10 to meet an application deadline for Round 23 projects with the Hamilton County Engineer's District Two Integrating Committee.

Photo credit: "Goyeau Street Road Construction I" by Flickr user jorge1528