Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wrecking Cincinnati, 10/1/08

2144 W Eighth St, Lower Price Hill
DOB: 1900
Died: September 2008
Cause of death: Severe dilapidation and disrepair, creating a fire hazard and bringing down surrounding property values. The building lacked windows, had deteriorated downspouts and soffits, and was littered with trash and beer bottles. They prominent eyesore was the frequent target of vandals. Vacated by the City in 2001, the storefront continued operations.

It was finally condemned in January 2007. Criminal charges were filed on the owner, who pled no contest and was entered into a compliance program. He was later removed from that program, found guilty, and received 180 days suspended, six months probation, and court costs.

The City declared the building a public nuisance in May 2007 and razed it.