Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reviving Cincinnati: 439 Hawthorne Avenue, Part I

Price Hill Will is beginning the rehabilitation of 439 Hawthorne Avenue.

The large 1905 Victorian has fallen into disrepair and would make a suitable location for your Halloween festivities.

The home is listed with Coldwell Banker West Shell for $150,000, but could be had for as low as $120,000 with buydown assistance.

New features will also include a huge 16 x 22 living room, a new back deck and patio, and new roof, siding, and windows.

The house has 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths within 2,189 square feet of living space.

Rehabilitation is expected to be completed by mid-December.

Several things to point out about the photographs:

  • Much of the overgrown vegetation has been removed. Price Hill Will plans all-new landscaping.
  • The basement is a complete mess, which is why there are no photos. As of now, it is the clubhouse of the local cat population.
  • Many interior walls have been removed, giving the house a more open and modern floor plan. It had previously been used as a two-family dwelling.
  • The hole in the roof had been cut the day before, and was to be tarped before re-roofing work began.
There are 57 photos in this slideshow.

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