Wednesday, October 29, 2008

City: No specific plans from silo demolition site

The City of Cincinnati has no specific plans for redevelopment of the Consolidated Grain and Barge silo demolition site in South Cumminsville, according to Department of Community Development senior development officer Sam Stephens.

Property owner Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group Inc. plans to complete the demolition it began earlier this month and remediate any environmental hazards before selling the 1.8-acre Beekman Street site.

"Originally, they had planned to reuse the silos, but they were unable to make the reuse project work," says Stephens. "According to them and the City inspector assigned to the project, the silos and surrounding property had deteriorated into a dangerous area that the owners viewed as a liability."

Stephens says that the City might be able to provide assistance or incentives to an end-user.

"The City is very interested in seeing this site returned to productive use," he says. "The property has great redevelopment potential, especially for a light industrial company looking for a central location."

The site is zoned MG Manufacturing General, which allows heavy industrial and manufacturing uses, transportation facilities, and warehouse/distribution businesses that require good transportation access but might generate negative off-site impacts.

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