Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Short Vine Vending District to be created

Cincinnati City Council will work with the University Village Association (UVA) to establish a vending district along Short Vine.

A vending district would ensure that street vendors in the area follow a standard set of rules and regulations.

The tentative boundaries for the district include both sides of Short Vine between Corry Street and University Avenue.

In August 2005, UVA Treasurer Alan Porkolab sent an e-mail to Councilmember Laketa Cole inquiring about the creation of a district. Michael Cervay, Director of the Department of Community Development and Planning (DCDP), initiated contact with Porkolab and the UVA four months later.

After that letter, contact was lost. In May 2007, Porkolab again contacted Cole, stating that he had not heard from the city for over a year and that vending activity on Short Vine was becoming problematic.

The next day, Cole submitted a motion for a report on the necessity of a district for Short Vine.

City Manager Milton Dohoney submitted a report at the June 20 Council meeting stating that City staff had visited the area and had seen a definite need for one.

The UVA will vote on the proposed district later this summer.

If the district is approved by the UVA, the City will work to amend the Municipal Code to include the new district.

The City's Municipal Code has three established vending districts. The Liberty-Dalton Vending District and the University Hospital Vending District became law in 1985. The Downtown Vending District became effective in 1997.