Friday, July 12, 2013

Walker St retaining wall, landslide problem to be addressed

More than four years after the residents of Walker Street in Mount Auburn pushed for a retaining wall that would protect their properties, the City has finally found the funding to make it work.

A special assessment of $637,000 has been levied for the properties for more than 378 feet of frontage between 1815 and 1855 Walker Street.

A motion directing the City to address the problem was passed in August 2009.

The motion was meant to address the street's property owners, who asked the City for its help in correcting landslide problems resulting from an absentee landlord's burst water pipe and a ‎Metropolitan Sewer District project on adjacent Alma Street.

Qualls' 2009 motion asked City administration to fund 2 percent of the project, then estimated to cost $588,000.

The remainder of the cost will be serviced by bonds, payable by assessments to the property owners over the next 30 years.

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