Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Motion: Resume negotiations to buy Wasson Way tracks

Cincinnati administration has been directed by City Council to undertake negotiations with Norfolk Southern Railway for the purchase of six miles of unused track, which would be used to build the Wasson Way hike-bike trail.

In a June 2012 resolution, Council asked City staff to look into pursuing the purchase and, although staff obtained appraisals for the property, it has not made a formal offer to the railroad. A May 15 motion by Councilmember Laure Quinlivan is meant to speed the process along.

The project has become a City priority and was pledged $3 million for property acquisition in the City's proposed ‎Parking Modernization Plan. That plan was challenged in court and will be subject to a public referendum this November.

Meanwhile, an Interim Development Control Overlay District (IDC) has been in effect along the entire corridor since last June, meaning that the construction of new buildings, demolition, or the alteration of existing structures is subject to additional review before permits can be issued. On May 8, the IDC was extended through December 18.

A report on the status of the negotiations is due before City Council by June 14.

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