Monday, March 18, 2013

Wrecking Cincinnati: 848 Findlay St

USE: Two-family dwelling
OWNER: Bright Star Baptist Church
ORDERS: March 2001, ordered vacated and barricaded. A criminal case was filed in November 2003, but was dismissed when prosecution found that it had the wrong owner. Reissued to the proper owner in March 2004.
CONDEMNED: January 2006, for rot to the framing and roof, missing siding, rotted sills and cornice, missing windows, inoperable gutters, and water damage. A civil fine was issued in June 2006, but it appears that the property was abandoned.
HAZARD: July 2006, adding a cracked stone foundation and litter. Because the building was located in the Dayton Street Historic District, the nuisance decision was rescinded. But the building continued to deteriorate, and by November 2012 an emergency demolition was ordered when it was declared in imminent danger of collapse.
REASON RAZED: An emergency demolition, costing the taxpayers $24,494. The property was purchased in January 2013 for $3,500 and is now part of the Community Revitalization Agency's Renaissance Village project, which included new construction and building rehabilitation at more than 60 sites bounded by York, Baymiller, Findlay, and Linn streets. The church is a partner in the project.