Monday, February 25, 2013

Wrecking Cincinnati: 1633 Denham St

NEIGHBORHOOD: North Fairmount
USE: Single-family dwelling
OWNER: Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners
ORDERS: April 2001, ordered barricaded.
CONDEMNED: March 2002, for roof failure, weather damage, and vandalism. A civil fine was prepared, but was rescinded after it was discovered that the owners were deceased. In September 2005, orders were issued to new owners requiring them to keep the property vacant and barricaded, citing issues with the gutters and downspouts, flooring, walls, and ceiling tiles. Ordered vacated and barricaded again in December 2006, and a criminal case was filed in August 2007. Condemned in December 2008 following the beginning of a rehabiliation project without permits. Condemnation orders reissued to new owner in October 2009. A civil fine was issued in August 2011, and the property changed hands again and was condemned in November 2011. Acquired by the County in May 2012.
REASON RAZED: Razed as part of the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati's Denham Watershed sewer project.