Thursday, January 17, 2013

Planning Commission Friday: Kirby Road School, Wasson Way, land sales

Ten items appear on the agenda of the Cincinnati City Planning Commission's first meeting of the year, to be held tomorrow morning at 9 A.M. on the seventh floor of Centennial Two, located Downtown at 805 Central Avenue.

The agenda includes reports and recommendations on:

  • Statutory changes to the Cincinnati Land Reutilization Program (CLRP), allowing the City Planning Commission to provide overall pre-approval of CLRP property dispositions. Using a clear set of guidelines, the changes would reduce the amount of staff time made necessary through the current property-by-property procedures.
  • The sale of a 0.1947-acre piece of vacated right-of-way known as Cumberland Street in Mount Auburn for $1 to Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) affiliate 032811 Holdings, LLC for the new YWCA women's homeless shelter.
  • The sale of CLRP properties at 1532 and 1534 Republic Street in Over-the-Rhine for $1 apiece to 3CDC affiliate OTR Holdings, Inc. for future residential redevelopment.
  • The sale of CLRP property at 24 Findlay Street in Over-the-Rhine for $5,000 to Jeff Gramke for rehabilitation as a two-family dwelling. One unit would serve as Gramke's personal residence, and the other would be rented.
  • The sale of CLRP property at 1717 Elm Street in Over-the-Rhine for $11,500 to John Back for rehabilitation as his family's single-family residence.
  • A lease that would allow River City Capital to expand the Hyde Park Station parking lot onto the vacated Norfolk Southern railroad tracks, part of the proposed Wasson Way hike-bike trail. Under terms of the lease, River City Capital would have rights to the land for five years at $2,160 per year, but the City would retain the right to terminate the agreement for future trail or multi-modal transit use.
  • A review of that parking lot proposal as it pertains to Interim Development Control District 67 – Wasson Line District
  • A review of a driveway proposal by the Pediatricians of Hyde Park at 3666 Paxton Avenue, as it pertains to Interim Development Control District 67 – Wasson Line District. The 50-foot driveway would connect and existing parking lot with a planned 16-space parking lot at their new building.
  • The designation of Kirby Road School at 1710 Bruce Avenue in Northside as a local historic landmark, recommended by the Historic Conservation Board on Monday.
  • Rezoning of nearly 5 acres at 1710 Bruce Avenue from single-family to planned development district, which would aid Bloomfield/Schon + Partners' planned rehabilitation of Kirby Road School into 37 apartments and its proposed addition of a second apartment building of up to 40 units.
  • The extension of Planned Development District 46 in the East End for six months to complete a mediation process to develop a new concept plan for the site, which is currently being used as a barge terminal. If mediation fails, the district would expire at the end of the extension.

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