Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Friday walking tour to highlight Bellevue's comeback

This Friday afternoon, the Community Development Corporations Association of Greater Cincinnati will hold a walking tour of Bellevue, highlighting the city's new housing, historic rehabs, and revitalized business district.

In the mid-1980s, the city faced the same problems as many urban areas – disinvestment, empty storefronts, an aging housing stock, and fiscal insecurity.

Through sheer political will and a rededication to its historic assets, Bellevue has turned itself into a major regional economic driver. The Fairfield Avenue business district is now alive with thriving, independent small businesses, and new and rehabilitated housing has once again made the city attractive to families and young professionals.

Main Street Manager Jody Robinson, Zoning Administrator John Yung, City Administrator Keith Spoelker, and Councilmember Tom Wiethorn will lead the tour and highlight:
The tour meets at noon at the Bellevue Community Center at 322 Van Voast Avenue and will last approximately four and a half hours.

Admission is $30 and requires the selection of a lunch preference. Lunch will be provided by the Prefect Brew.

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