Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Funding appropriated for four streetscape projects

Four streetscape projects in the City of Cincinnati will be able to start construction soon, thanks to ordinances passed last Tuesday by City Council.

Among the ordinances are:

  • The establishment of the East Walnut Hills Streetscape Continuation TIF capital improvement program project account, which will fund ongoing streetscape efforts along Woodburn Avenue, between Chapel Street and Lincoln Avenue. The project will include new concrete sidewalks and curbs, pavers, pedestrian-scale lighting, tree wells, and the removal of overhead utilities. Additional projects include construction of a decorative kiosk at Woodburn Avenue and Madison Road and the study and design of improvements for E McMillan Street, between Victory Parkway and Woodburn Avenue. Capital for the account will come from the transfer of $400,000 in un-appropriated East Walnut Hills TIF funds and $50,000 from an un-appropriated surplus in an existing East Walnut Hills Streetscape account.

  • The establishment of a new Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program project account for Stetson Square Phase "I", and the transfer into it of $340,000 in uncommitted funding from an existing CDBG Avondale/Burnet NBD Improvement Project account. The money will fund a streetscape project in the area roughly bounded by Rochelle and Gerard streets and Eden and Donahue avenues. Council has pledged to transfer funding from another account to the Avondale project once the Avondale Community Council identifies and prepares to implement a CDBG-eligible project.

  • The transfer of $340,000 from the Phase I Corryville Van Street Parking Improvements capital improvement program project account into the Corryville Short Vine Streetscape TIF account to fund further streetscape improvements in and around the business district.

  • The approval of a sale and development agreement with the University Club of Cincinnati, Princeton Properties, Inc., and the Western and Southern Life Insurance Company for improvements along Broadway and E Fourth Street. The project will re-align the east curb line of the 300 block of Broadway to meet the east curb line of the 400 block of Broadway, install new sidewalks with special paving, and add new lighting and street trees. The City will sell 2,357 square feet of right-of-way for $98,400, its appraised fair market value.

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