Monday, May 17, 2010

Wrecking Cincinnati, 5/17/10

3094 River Road, Sedamsville
DOB: 1885
Died: October 2009
Cause of death: A falling front porch, an unsecured roofing system, missing siding, foundation bowed and cracked along the right side, wood rot, and disconnected downspouts.

The house was condemned in March 2008, declared a public nuisance in November 2008, and razed by the City following asbestos abatement

The property had been lost in foreclosure during 2007. A criminal case filed in August 2008 against new owners Econohomes LLC was dismissed one month later for want of prosecution.

At the time of demolition, the property was assessed at $5,800 and the house itself at $2,320.