Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wrecking Cincinnati, 4/8/10

2328 Kenton Street, Walnut Hills
DOB: 1885
Died: June 2009
Cause of death: A collapsing chimney, broken and missing windows, defective structural members, stolen siding, and a yard strewn with rotting wood and debris. Vacant since at least 2004.

The house was condemned in November 2006, declared a public nuisance in November 2008 and razed by the City following asbestos removal.

Purchased by Discount Homes USA LLC, an investor group specializing in foreclosures, in June 2007 for $5,000. At the time of its demolition, the property was assessed at $5,000 and the house itself at only $1,260.

No court cases were ever filed, as the property changed hands three times during the enforcement period.