Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wrecking Cincinnati, 4/27/10

1650 State Avenue, Lower Price Hill
DOB: 1880
Died: June 2009
Cause of death: Defective masonry and cornice, a large foundation hole, interior alterations without a permit, severe water damage, and a severely cracked sidewalk. Vacant for several years, it was open to trespassers and required several calls for City barricading.

The building was originally condemned in August 2006 and declared a public nuisance in October 2006, then changed hands twice and eventually came under the ownership of a woman from Illinois. Work to change the layout from a three-family to a two-family was performed without a permit. Having been vacant for over a year, the building lost its non-conforming zoning status and could no longer be used as a residence.

It was condemned again in April 2008 and declared a public nuisance in December 2008. A criminal case was filed in late 2008, but has not progressed.

At the time of the demolition, the property was assessed at $5,700, with the house valued at $1,330.