Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cincinnati to accept $1.48M in stimulus for solar projects

Cincinnati City Council has passed unanimously an ordinance allowing the City to accept three grants for the installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic arrays in more than a dozen local locations.

The grants, from federal economic stimulus funds disbursed through the Ohio Department of Development, are:

  • $775,665 for a 279 killowatt (kW) system at the Greater Cincinnati Water Works facility, 4747 Spring Grove Avenue, part of a $2 million energy efficiency retrofit
  • $451,418 for a 170 kW system at 13 locations within the Cincinnati Parks Department, to be used as a training and job creation tool for urban youth and an educational tool for the general public
  • $252,937 for a 93 kW system at the Duke Energy Convention Center, part of an energy efficiency retrofit that's expected to reduce the center's carbon dioxide emissions by 147,422 pounds per year
The funding awards were announced late last year.

Matching funds in the amount of $750,000 will be for the Greater Cincinnati Water Works project and in the amount of $740,000 for the Parks Department projects will be provided from each department's capital budget.

Photo by Mhassan Abdollahi, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license.

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