Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wrecking Cincinnati, 12/3/09

2515 Beekman Avenue, South Fairmount
DOB: 1873
Died: June 2009
Cause of death: A deteriorated rear of the building due to neglect and insect damage, collapsing exterior steps and front porch, and deteriorated or missing cornices, gutters and downspouts. The building required numerous calls to the City for barricading.

It was condemned in March 2005 and declared a public nuisance in August 2007, going through three ownership changes during that time. A criminal case was filed against the owner, but it was dismissed after he was entered into a diversion program. The property was subsequently purchased by an investor for $3,108.

In November 2007, it was condemned again. The City razed the structure following asbestos abatement.