Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Preservation Ohio survey suggests better awareness, access to funding

Preservation Ohio, a statewide organization that works to preserve a sense of past and place in Ohio's downtowns, neighborhoods, and communities, has released some of the results of its 2009 fall survey.

Among the findings:

  • A lack of awareness of the benefits of historic preservation is considered the greatest threat to historic preservation and neighborhood revitalization in Ohio.
  • Revitalization of Ohio downtowns was the area of preservation of most interest to respondents.
  • Information on funding options is the primary service that a statewide preservation organization needs to address.
Preservation Ohio's board of trustees will use input from the survey to prepare a draft vision for addressing its goals in the areas of local assistance, advocacy and protection, and building a strong statewide preservation community during 2010.

The majority of the more than 100 respondents were from northeast Ohio, with southwest Ohio making up 20 percent. Three-quarters of respondents were not members of Preservation Ohio or the Ohio Preservation Alliance.

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