Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Port study would examine impacts of fourth Mill Creek rail main

The board of directors of the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority has passed a resolution of support for its Ohio Department of Transportation TRAC application to perform a feasibility for a fourth main rail line through the Mill Creek corridor.

The study would examine the economic impact of development in the area of the rail yards and Cincinnati Union Terminal, options for easing rail congestion, and identify opportunities for developing intermodal and passenger facilities. 
Both the Ohio Freight Rail Choke Points Study of 2007 and the Ohio Intermodal Rail Freight Growth Strategy Concept Study of 2006 found the area to be a major chokepoint in the region, causing delays to nearly 600,000 rail carloads annually.

This congestion also negatively impacts development around the Cincinnati Museum Center and possible passenger rail service, the resolution says.

The lack of a fourth main was cited as the main reason that both Cincinnati Union Terminal and Longworth Hall were ruled out by the City of Cincinnati Department of City Planning and Buildings and the Ohio Rail Development Coalition as sites for a temporary 3C "Quick Start" passenger rail station.

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