Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Money could come to Peebles Corner

Cincinnati City Council is considering an emergency ordinance that will lead to improvements in the Peebles Corner area of Walnut Hills.

The ordinance would establish a new Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project account with $96,760 from
Walnut Hills Parking Lot Improvement and $44,612 from Walnut Hills Peebles Corner Fa├žade Renovation.

It would also transfer $1.5 million from two existing funds into a capital account.

The CDBG funds would be used for acquiring and demolishing dilapidated buildings between Kemper Lane and Concord and in the Southwest Quadrant (Boone, May, Kenton, etc.).

The capital funds would be used for the acquisition and the demolition of dilapidated buildings, making a maximum of $200,000 in public infrastructure improvements, and conducting a maximum of $300,000 in residential rehabilitation along McMillan.