Monday, August 10, 2009

Wrecking Cincinnati, 8/10/09

2805 Highland Avenue, Corryville
DOB: 1920
Died: July 2008
Cause of death: Movement and cracking in the brick walls that could lead to building collapse, the removal of ingress/egress, and broken and missing windows. The property required several calls for City barricades.

The building was condemned in April 2006 and declared a public nuisance in August 2006. After the owner failed to appear for pre-prosecution hearings and failed to provide plans for a planned rehabilitation, a criminal case was filed. The owner was entered into a diversion program. After failing to comply, the owner pled no contest and was fined $10 plus court costs.

The structure was razed by the City. The lot sold to HL Rentals LLC of Louis Avenue in June for $4,800.