Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Mercy Hospital rezoning hearing today

Anchor Properties today will seek from the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission (HCRPC) a zoning change from residential to planned office for the proposed $200 million Mercy Hospital in Green Township.

The regional hospital and adjacent medical office buildings would be built on 66 acres roughly bounded by I-74, North Bend Road, and Boomer Road.

The rezoning would affect 62 parcels. Forty-nine single-family homes would be demolished to make way for the new buildings.

More than 1,200 residents have signed a petition to try to stop the project, citing concerns over traffic, noise, a lack of need, and possible future vacancy of the building if the hospital decides to move again.

The developer has yet to submit any detailed designs, but Anchor Properties would be subject to 138 specific design standards affecting such elements as building size and massing, signage, landscaping, and exterior finishes.

A traffic impact analysis for North Bend Road, to be performed by the Hamilton County Engineer's Office, would also be required.

The HCRPC approved of a change to the Green Township Land Use Plan last month, finding that the site was surrounded by other non-residential uses and adjacent to an Interstate highway.

HCRPC staff recommends approval of the rezoning request.

The Hamilton County Rural Zoning Commission will consider final zoning compliance during a public hearing on August 20.

If approved, the new hospital could be open as soon as early 2014 and is expected to bring up to 1,500 jobs to the area.

Inpatient services would be transitioned into the new hospital, but ambulatory services -- such as emergency room services -- will likely be kept at the remaining west side hospitals.

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