Thursday, July 2, 2009

Six community councils to get NSP funding for break in services

As a moral obligation, Cincinnati City Council has passed unanimously and ordinance authorizing the payment of $1,610.02 to six community councils as part of the Neighborhood Support Program (NSP).

The advance is necessary due to debts accrued during a break in services that occurred between January 1 and February 5, as the City was in the process of transferring administration of the NSP from Invest in Neighborhoods to the City's Department of Community Development.

Receiving payments are: Mount Airy Town Council $485.37; Lower Price Hill Community Council $370.00; Camp Washington Community Council $330.00; Northside Community Council $285.42; West Price Hill Community Council $87.75; and East Price Hill Improvement Association $51.48.

In May, council provided more than $1,000 to three community councils for the same break in services.

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