Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wrecking Cincinnati, 3/19/09

3125 Hackberry Street, Evanston
Single-family, attached
DOB: 1880
Died: January 2009
Cause of death: Imminent danger of collapse. In fact, the rear of the building actually did collapse during the September 2008 wind storm, exposing the inside of the residence. Water infiltration likely damaged the structure.

The house had been vacant for several years, and was condemned in March 2008. By June 2008, it had gone into foreclosure and the owner had been in bankruptcy proceedings for several months.

Following the storm, it was entered into the hazard abatement program. The property was razed by the City following asbestos abatement.

The fate of the attached structure will be addressed in a future installment.

(House on left.)