Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RZC to consider $21M Ridge-Highland redevelopment

On Thursday, the Hamilton County Rural Zoning Commission (RZC) will consider approval of a planned unit development (PUD) for a $21 million redevelopment of the vacant K-mart building in Columbia Township.

Ridge K, LLC, composed of Dan Neyer of Neyer Properties and Steve Miller and Rob Smyjunas of Vandercar Holdings, has proposed Ridge Pointe, a renovation of the vacant building and the creation of three outlots on 10.13 acres near the intersection of Ridge and Highland avenues.

The project's first phase, the renovation of the former department store, would alter the fa├žade and shrink the building's footprint to create 68,000 square feet of LEED certified office/warehouse flex space.

In future phases, the outlots will include a 30,500-square-foot, two-story LEED certified office building on the north side of the site, a 10,500-square-foot retail building on the south side of the site, and a 14,000-square-foot retail building along Ridge Avenue.

Surface parking will provide 383 spaces.

PUD districts are overlays of existing zoning that allow the development of property in a manner or intensity not allowed by underlying zoning districts.

Once granted a PUD, the owner may only develop the parcel according to that plan.

Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission staff has recommended approval of the PUD, noting that the proposal adheres to the Ridge and Highland Special Public Interest District and the township's comprehensive plan, and is compatible with the surrounding commercial uses.

However, as a condition of approval, staff concludes that the developers to make minor revisions to the sidewalk locations - including sidewalks along the entire frontage of Ridge Avenue - and that a vacant tire store on the southwest corner of the property should be demolished during the project's first phase.

If approved, the Ridge Pointe would require approval by the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners.

Ridge K, LLC is also working with Columbia Township to create a tax increment financing agreement that would provide $2.2 million to cover public improvements to the site.

Image credit: Neyer Properties