Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mount Lookout resident says Section 8 is forcing him from home

A Mount Lookout resident says that he's being forced out of his home by the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority.

In an e-mail communication to Mount Lookout Community Council (MLCC) president John Brannock, the resident says that the housing agency has purchased the adjoining four-flat apartment buildings at 3304 and 3308 Mowbray Lane and will be using them for Section 8 housing.

"Needless to say, those of us in my building were a little shocked and very upset by finding this news suddenly under our doors Wednesday night," he says. "But I guess that is the price of progress to some degree. Unfortunately, some very hard working young professionals are paying the price for that progression."

The resident is hoping that the MLCC will get the word out to residents about the impending changes.

Brannock says that it's not Section 8 that he's worried about, it's that it doesn't seem right that people are being forced from their homes.

"I have no issues with Section 8 as long as the people who occupy those apartments are not sex offenders, drug abusers or dealers, etc.," he says. "This is especially important since these apartments are a block away from Cardinal Pacelli grade school."

The resident's e-mail has been forwarded to Cincinnati city council, and a report on the subject is due before council by March 18.