Thursday, February 26, 2009

Final recommendations to be presented for Mount Adams plan

Final recommendations for the Mount Adams Neighborhood Strategic Plan will be presented to the Mount Adams Civic Association on March 3 at 7 PM at the Holy Cross-Immaculata Church Parish Center, 30 Guido Street.

The Civic Association and the plan's strategic planning team will be seeking residents' approval of the plan before presenting it to the City Planning Commission within the next couple of months, and then to Cincinnati City Council.

The strategic planning team will also be seeking volunteers to help staff the subcommittees that will implement recommendations from the plan.

The Civic Association launched the planning initiative in September 2007 to address the neighborhood's growing pains and to codify a common vision for the future.

Priorities identified in the draft plan include community life, development and preservation, views and hillsides, the business district, parking, cleanliness and safety, and infrastructure and utilities.

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