Friday, October 24, 2008

MWCC releases Beechmont Street Improvement Survey

The Mount Washington Community Council (MWCC) has released a survey to gauge public opinion on possible changes to the traffic flow along Beechmont Avenue.

On September 10, Cincinnati City Councilmember Roxanne Qualls introduced a motion supporting traffic calming measures along the section of road between Elstun Road and Burney Lane that would reduce traffic speeds and create a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

Speeds along Beechmont have steadily risen since the Ohio Department of Transportation widened the roadway in 2004, eliminating a dangerous "zipper" lane and improving the intersection at Corbly Road.

The survey asks about several proposals, including reducing speed limits, installing landscaped medians "up the hill", adding on-street parking to the business district, providing bicycle lanes, and placing a traffic light at Wasigo Drive.

It also asks for respondents to rank each of the ideas in order of importance.

The MWCC will consider the responses in future planning efforts with City staff.

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