Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wrecking Cincinnati, 9/3/08

3732 Borden Street, South Cumminsville
DOB: 1900
Died: August 2008
Cause of death: Fire damage from a one-alarm fire in 2003, including structural damage to the floors joists and wall studs. The rafters were unsecured, and the building wasn't weathertight. Estimates are that the fire caused $45,000 in damage.

The house was condemned in September 2004. Due to a money crunch, the owner couldn't bring the building up to code and eventually sold it. Work started in repairs, but stalled. It was declared a public nuisance in October 2006. The new owner inquired about an administrative stay on the demolition, but then contacts between him and the City broke off.

Following neighborhood pressure, the City finally razed the house five years after the fire and a full four years after it was first condemned.