Thursday, September 18, 2008

OKI releases Year-End Progress Report

The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) Executive Committee has accepted the OKI Transportation Planning Fiscal Year 2008 Year End Progress Report, which covers the period between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

The report highlights the progress made, the funds expended, and the products delivered for projects contained in the OKI Fiscal Year 2008 Unified Planning Work Program.

Of the $4.85 million budgeted for FY2008, $3.26 million was spent, or approximately 2/3 of the budget.

OKI reports 100 percent completion of its project products, except for:

  • Only 4 percent completed for Fiscal Impact Models for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, a study of land use scenarios that is scheduled to begin this fall
  • Only 35 percent completed in JARC/New Freedom program, which improves transportation access for people with disabilities and special needs
The 60-page report can be downloaded here (PDF).

OKI receives transportation planning funding from the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, the State of Ohio, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the State of Indiana.