Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cincinnati working on green roof incentive

City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr says that a motion to incentivize green roof construction is practical, and that the City is working to do so.

In a report to City Council, Dohoney says that the Office of Environmental Quality, Metropolitan Sewer District, and the Department of City Planning are working to identify the "most advantageous structure" for a green roof incentive program.

"Discussions are currently focusing on the possibility of using Clean Water State Revolving Fund money to offer low-interest or no-interest loans to assist with the costs associated with installing green roofs and other projects that reduce storm water runoff," he says.

Additionally, Dohoney says that City staff is working with the Ohio EPA to see if funds are available for the projects and to determine any constraints that might be imposed on projects receiving Revolving Fund support.

In late June, Cincinnati City Council adopted a motion by Councilmember Chris Bortz to explore green roof incentives that could be structured as no-interest or low-interest loans that could be repaid through a building owner's cost savings.

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