Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BC will be back tomorrow

Building Cincinnati will be back in publication tomorrow.

The BC international headquarters suffered only minimal damage in the storm, and power was back by 4:20 Monday, approximately 26 hours after it first went out.

A tree in the front yard is now half of what it once was and a few shingles are missing. And there's an entire tree wedged between the branches of another tree, and no one can figure out where it came from.

The damage I saw today...from the fire damage in OTR, to the broken cornice at Park + Vine, to the missing shingles on frame houses in Northside, to the very large tree that I saw up against a house on Savannah Avenue in College Hill...was just astounding.

Things could have been much worse, but I never, ever, want to experience something like that again.