Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wrecking Cincinnati, 8/5/08

1632 Main Street, Mount Auburn
DOB: 1870
Died: July 2008
Cause of death: Roof collapse, rotten structural members, deteriorated floors and walls, a rotted cornice, gutters and downspouts, chimneys in danger of collapse, damaged and missing mechanicals, and litter, debris and weeds. Orders to vacate the building date back to at least 2001. Due to lack of code compliance, a criminal case was filed against owner Larry Rhodes in 2005. In November 2005, Rhodes plead no contest and received a 180-day suspended sentence, 1 year of probation, $1,000 plus court costs, and house arrest pending Vacant Building Maintenance License compliance. Rhodes violated his probation and was ordered to sell the buildings. The City condemned the building in May 2007. An inspection and study by Historic Conservation revealed that the structure had deteriorated to such a point that rehabilitation wouldn't be economically feasible, so the building was referred to the City's hazard abatement program. A late offer to buy the building never came through, and the building was razed by the City. Rhodes, who owns blighted properties all over the City, is in the process of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.