Friday, August 15, 2008

Evanston apartment complex uses CLRP to get more parking

A vacant piece of property that was part of Cincinnati's Land Reutilization Program will be sold to provide parking for an Evanston apartment complex.

Cincinnati City Council agreed to sell the 0.2 acres at 1551 St. Leger Place to Downtown Property Management, Inc. (DTPMI), who owns the adjacent 86,600-square-foot apartment building at the corner of Gilbert Avenue and St. Leger Place.

The property will be sold for $10,000, its appraised value.

As a condition of the sale, DTPMI will consolidate the property with its apartment parcel.

CLRP, established by city council in 1996 to return abandoned property to tax-generating use, is managed by the Department of City Planning.

The program has acquired approximately 68 parcels of land since its inception.

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