Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cincinnati adopts Mount Lookout design standards

Cincinnati City Council has approved unanimously an ordinance codifying standards for the urban design overlay district at Mount Lookout Square, also known as Urban Design District #12.

When the City adopted a new zoning code in 2004, districts that had been known as environmental quality-urban design (EQ-UD) districts were contacted to verify if they wanted to be included in the new overlay districts and which of 14 standard design guidelines they thought would be most appropriate for their district.

Mount Lookout, along with Hartwell, did not respond to the initial contact or to any follow-up requests, so the City included both in the new zoning code without adopting any guidelines.

On April 14, the Mount Lookout Community Council (MLCC), in conjunction with the Mount Lookout Business Association, contacted the City Planning Commission with a request to amend the zoning code to ask that guidelines be set that would subject permits for the following to review:

* All signs
* All awnings
* Exterior mechanical equipment and utility connections
* All replacement windows
* Exterior renovations, alterations, or additions
* All new construction
* All demolition

These permits will be subject for compliance review by the director of the City's Department of City Planning - except for demolition and new construction, which will be subject to approval, approval with conditions, or disapproval by a zoning hearing examiner.

Urban Design District #12 encompasses all of the commercial development surrounding Mount Lookout Square and extending along Delta and Linwood avenues.

Photo credit: Jayson, Cincy Images